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Representative Project List

Juan A. Chan, P.E.



The following are brief scope descriptions of some relevant projects, positions, and tasks, by land use type:


•South Florida Water Management District, Florida – Staff Civil Engineer. Performed design technical analysis, prepared technical reports, and issued environmental resource permits for over 250 Storm Water Management (SWM) treatment systems serving residential, commercial, highway, recreational, agricultural, institutional, municipal, and industrial projects ranging in size from one to 4,000 acres. Performed small to large-scale watershed analysis; hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling; stormwater master plans; applied stormwater pollution prevention techniques; utilized urban and agricultural water quality BMPs to remove target constituents (TSS, TP, TN, metals, hydrocarbons). Analyzed wetlands hydrology and instituted preservation techniques; prepared technical reports and developed communication skills via extensive public contact. In addition, participated as review and permitting engineer in establishing the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) Pilot Environmental Resource Permit Program, which focused on reducing targeted pollutants (TP, TN, TSS) reaching the Everglades from the EAA by educating the agricultural community of proper selection and utilization of BMPs through the ERP program.
•Regional Stormwater Park, New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Senior Engineer. Performed stormwater management (SWM) system analysis, design and permitting of a 22-acre park in Volusia County, Florida, including site stormwater system components and layout design and grading. Selected appropriate BMPs, and reviewed and analyzed hydrologic and hydraulic model (ICPR).
•Sitewide SWM Permitting, Confidential Client, Florida – Senior Engineer. Executed permitting coordination of City of Orlando, South Florida Water Management District, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits to obtain a single site-wide permit for all water facilities to meet the city's MS4 requirements for a major tourist destination.


•Lake Gibson Water Quality Modeling, City of Lakeland, Florida – Senior Task Engineer. Responsible for executing water quality modeling for a 240-acre urban watershed discharging into a 489-acre lake (Lake Gibson), utilizing the Southwest Florida Water Management District GIS-based Pollutant Load Screening Model (CPSM); pollutant loading assessment; best management practices (BMPs) selection for targeted constituent (TSS) and treatment system design recommendations. Verified event mean concentrations (EMCs) for Florida Land Use Cover Classifications System (FLUCCS) and technical report preparation. Some of the projects include:
•Lake Bonnet Diagnostic Study, City of Lakeland, Florida – Project Manager/Senior Engineer. Responsible for conducting Lake Bathymetry study of a 79-acre lake (Lake Bonnet) receiving runoff from a mixed land use 679-acre watershed. Determined sedimentation and water quality degradation by the target constituents (TSS, TP, TN) for future dredging feasibility study, and established future watershed water quality and quantity management practices. Conducted water quality monitoring and sampling and generated EMCs for future utilization of the Center of Watershed Protection (CWP) Watershed Treatment Model; prepared technical report.
•Wayne County Wetland Mitigation Bank, Michigan – Task Manager/Stormwater Engineer. Performed SWM treatment system analysis, design and permitting, including hydrologic and hydraulic modeling (ICPR; MBR), for four acres of created wetlands in Dearborn Heights and Westland, Michigan.


•Lake Sampson Outfall Structure, Gainesville, Florida – Sr. Engineer. Collected and analyzed data, performed H & H modeling, consulted with client agency, wrote technical memorandum with findings and recommendations.
•XP-SWMM Large-Scale Watershed Modeling, North Fort Myers Levee, Florida – Task Manager/Senior Engineer. Constructed hydrologic and hydraulic model (XP-SWMM) and executed simulations of various storm events for a 47,000-acre watershed, including 46 structures, in Lee County, Florida.
•Rouge River Stream Bank Stabilization, Detroit, Michigan – Task Manager/Senior Engineer. Performed river stream banks stabilization design by selecting appropriate BMPs, re-grading, and utilizing seeded turf-mat reinforcements.
•Indian River Farms Water Control District XP-SWMM Large Scale SWM System Modeling – Senior Engineer. Participated in team hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of local water control district SWM treatment system consisting of 700 miles of interconnected canals and numerous structures serving a 50,000-acre watershed; results to be included in Indian River County SWM Master Plan.


•Florida Turnpike Bridges, FDOT Turnpike District, Palm Beach County, Florida – Senior Engineer. Performed analysis and design of SWM/drainage treatment system, ERP application preparation, maintenance of traffic plans, and drainage plans for the rehabilitation and resurfacing of FDOT Thomas B. Manuel Bridge and the bridge over State Road 710.
•Stuart Causeway, FDOT District 4, Stuart, Florida – Task Manager/Senior Engineer. Performed analysis and conceptual design of SWM/drainage treatment system for a FDOT project development and environmental (PD&E) study for a 70-acre highway project. The PD&E study included two low-level fixed bridges, a bascule (Ernest Lyons) bridge, and two island parks within the FDOT R-O-W.
•I-95/I-4/US 92 Interchange, FDOT District 5, Daytona Beach, Florida – Project Engineer. Analysis and conceptual design of SWM/drainage system for a PD&E study of a 70-acre highway project. The study included an analysis of alternate ramps, collector/distributor roads, and realignment schemes.
•I-95 Six-Lane Widening, FDOT District 5, Florida – Project Engineer. Performed analysis and conceptual preliminary design of a six-lane I-95 highway-widening project north of Daytona Beach. Analysis included data collection, hydraulic/hydrologic modeling of existing drainage and SWM treatment system, and determination of right-of-way drainage capacity.
•Biscayne Boulevard Beautification, FDOT, Miami, Florida – Project Engineer. Analyzed existing roadway drainage system from 39th Street to 125th Street. The analysis included data collection, facilities/infrastructure verification, and drainage concepts with respect to various widening, curb and gutter, and median alternative options.


Served as manager for various projects outsourced to private consulting firms ranging in total cost between $100K and $2.2M, as well as manager for in-house projects as the Engineering Design Section Manager of Lake County Public Works, Engineering Division. Tasks included but were not limited to seat in selection committees; writing, analyzing and managing requests for proposals (RFP’s); requests for qualifications (RFQ’s); project scopes; scheduling; budgeting; contract negotiations and administration; pre-construction meetings; shop drawings review and approval; field inspections of roadway, drainage, stormwater management, and other capital improvement projects; design and approval of maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans and Traffic Control Plans (TCPs); phased plans reviews; post–construction punch lists; as-built plans review; coordination with other departments; coordination with outside consultants; coordination with various utilities prior to and during construction; extensive multi-agency permitting and communications; requesting and approving sub-consultant engineering services (surveying, geotechnical, biological/environmental); monthly billing processing; preparing and participating in public meetings; extensive public information and communications.

•The South Lake Trail - Phase II: Design of approximately 4 miles of a new 10’ wide multi-use recreational trail.
•Ridgeway Road: Resolution of an existing road degrading that was leading to severe flooding and conflicts with new adjacent development. Rebuilding of road grade, surface, and coordinating with water management district during resolution and reconstruction process.
•Hooks Street and Citrus Tower Boulevard (Phases II-III): Design of a new two-lane local road.
•The South Clermont Connector: Design of 2.2 miles of a new four-lane divided local collector roadway providing major access to east-west isolated sections of neighborhoods in Clermont.
•Picciola Bridge Replacement: Study & design of replacement of a 100’ long single-span local bridge.
•Radio Road: Study & design of widening an existing 2-lane and three-lane local roadway.
•South Lakeshore Drive: Widening existing two-lane local road with extremely limited right-of-way; addition of paved shoulders.
•County Road 470: Study & design of widening approximately four miles of existing county road, including bridge over the Florida Turnpike.


•St. Lucie West, St. Lucie County, Florida - Staff Engineer. Analyzed SWM system for a 4,000-acre residential planned unit development (PUD), performed H & H modeling of a cascading interconnected lake system, prepared and issued ERP permits for phased additions and modifications.
•Adamson Creek Phase 1C – Sr. Engineer. Analyzed existing SWM system, performed H & H modeling for addition of a residential phase of a planned unit development (PUD); prepared paving/grading/drainage plans; issued Lomars for floodplain mitigation; coordinated utilities; prepared documents for DRC review.
•Twelve Oaks (PUD) Parcel “C” - Sr. Project Manager. Analyzed and designed SWM system, performed H & H modeling, prepared permit application packages & obtained appropriate phase permits, prepared plans & reports, coordinated geotechnical investigation, performed field inspection.
•ABC Stores – Sr. Engineer. Analyzed existing SWM system, performed H & H modeling, reviewed and obtained permits for a new commercial project.
•New Air Freight Facility, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Task Manager/Senior Project Engineer. Designed collection-conveyance and SWM system. Prepared PG&D construction plans and obtained ERP permit for a ten-acre commercial project.
•South Florida Water Management District Kissimmee Pump Station – Sr. Engineer. Performed SWM design, H & H analysis and obtained agency permits.
•Florida Hospital Kissimmee – Sr. Engineer. Performed SWM design and analysis and obtained agency permits.
•Asia Pacific Complex, Miami, Florida – Civil Engineer. Analyzed existing parking lot drainage system and designed additional parking lot; assisted owner with the addition of two stories to the existing warehouse/office building; obtained DERM and City of Miami permits for the parking lot and building additions.


•Sitewide SWM Permitting, Confidential Client, Orlando, Florida – Senior Engineer. Executed permitting coordination between City of Orlando, South Florida Water Management District, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits to obtain a single site-wide permit for all water facilities to meet the city's MS4 NPDES requirements for a major tourist destination.
•National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Panda Energy International, Culloden, West Virginia – Task Manager/Senior Engineer. Prepared and obtained NPDES industrial wastewater discharge permit for a 100-acre electric power plant. Prepared conceptual design of SWM treatment system.
•NPDES Industrial Discharge Permit Modification, Alcoa, Bartow, Florida – Senior Engineer. Prepared and obtained modification of NPDES industrial discharge permit for decommissioning of above ground storage tanks serving an industrial site and rerouting discharge to a new off-site facility. Analyzed existing SWM treatment system for adherence to regulatory criteria.
•Power Plant, Granite Power Partners II, L.P., Hardee County, Florida – Task Manager/Stormwater Engineer. Performed SWM treatment system analysis and design, and prepared environmental resource permit (ERP) application for a 100-acre industrial project.
•Calpine Blue Heron Energy Center, Vero Beach, Florida – Senior Project Engineer. Performed SWM system analysis and design, and prepared appropriate sections of the site certification application (SCA) for a 47-acre industrial project.
•Columbia Electric Kelson Ridge Power Plant, St. Charles, Maryland – Stormwater Engineer. Conducted analysis and design coordination of SWM system and preparation of certificate of public convenience and necessity application of a 77-acre industrial project.
•Panda Electric Power Plant, Leesburg, Florida – Task Manager. Performed analysis and design coordination of SWM system and prepared appropriate sections of the SCA and ERP applications for a 74-acre industrial project.


•Palm Beach International Airport Apron "A" Expansion, South Florida – Senior Engineer. Responsible for analysis, design and permitting of stormwater management facilities and drainage systems serving an aircraft apron expansion (PBIA).
•PBC Pahokee Airport, Glades, Florida – Senior Project Engineer – Responsible for analysis, design and permitting of stormwater management facilities and drainage systems serving an aircraft hangar addition and parking layout and obtained permit modification of additions and changes.
•Palm Beach International Airport West One Hangar, South Florida – Senior Project Engineer. Designed stormwater management facilities and drainage system and obtained appropriate permits for a hangar addition (PBIA).

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